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Sus Sus Sus: Sus sus sus sus, sus sus sus


Get literal with that, ya 馬鹿ck suckers.

I wrote this without an outline.
It's far too long and not an easy read.
This will not be over quickly.  You will not enjoy this.

Treat all links as NSFW. They aren't all that but I'm not labeling every single one.

So weeaboos are losing their shit because someone did a good job of translation and not transliteration in an anime.  The catalyst of course is Nagatoro: They used the words "sus" totally sus to do that in such a sus way.

Things to suss out
First thing, is first: Translation is not Transliteration.  They are different things that's why they have different words.  It is also not Interpretation either because anyone who has had to do that in real-time (especially in a Japanese-English dynamic where one is super explicit and the other is so implicit that it's almost as important to mention the not-mentioned), the purpose is to get the point across, not to give a vocabulary lesson.  There are so many instances of the intent of a statement being more important than the separate literal definition of each word that makes it up.  Context plays more of a role in effective translation than dictionary definitions. 

I'm not even just talking about the absurd examples of translating "hot dog" into "heated canine."   Actually... let's talk about that:  Think about "hot dog" for a moment and the realize:
It's a noun: A food item that one Nathan's brand is famous for, also refereed to as a tube steak, or red-hot, the physical shape of which has lead to a connection in Modern English to serve as a conduit between "someone from Vienna" Weiner, and Penis, but not someone from Frankfurt "Frankfurter" (oh we'll get back to that).  And red-hot is so dated that it's instinctive definition is no longer a meat product but if you are Gen X-Y it's candy and for Zoomers is half of something that means "gossipy-shit" ...unless you're in Australia, where it means something mad different. 
It's a verb:  If someone is "hot dogging" they aren't in the process of manufacturing or preparing hot dogs.  They are also not heating up an actual dog.  It usually means they are showing off, but not just showing off, they are showing off with an unnecessary significant risk. Hot dogging causes you crash your B-52 into the ground killing everyone on it including that one poor bastard in the back who had no idea what was going on. No one who speaks English is going to have trouble with that.  Now try it in Mongolian... yeah, you're gonna be using different words that are not food related.
It's an adjective: If a person is called a "hot dog" they are not being called a food item, or a heated canine.  A dated equivalent could be "rascal" but if you use that in dialogue for a character that is known for overuse of contemporary slang, it's not going to be a good fit, and you might go with "drippin stan... not gucci" RAWRXD.  Either way, the trans-literal accepted  definition of food-item or the absolute-literal definition of heated-canine do not apply.

Om nom nom

Remember when I mentioned we'll get back to Frankfurters, penises, and hot dogs?  Well one sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania, has a musical number in a certain movie where the line is "you're a hot-dog, but you'd better not try to hurt her, Frank Furter" (and this line is even preambled by a reference to mustard).  Don't get hot and flustered, but translating this into another language while somehow trying to preserve the literal meaning of hot dog as both food-item and adjective for a type of person, and a cultural double entendre (name of character + reference to Frankenstein), while maintaining the tacit double meanings implied by the lyrics that relies on the audience already being familiar with the entire linguistic matrix of interconnected values, AND keeping whatever the final product is on-tempo with the actual song it's in ...well it's just not possible if your goal is complete preservation of exclusively literal meanings that an ESL student would be familiar with recently having learned.  ...I told you not to get hot and flustered, here use this.

Si, verdad.

I once was translating curriculum materials for a Graduate Level course regarding inter-organizational communication and one of the sessions focused on the film "12 Angry Men" (the Peter Fonda one, not the later one).  If you haven't seen that movie, go watch it.  Come back to this spot right here: -THIS SPOT RIGHT HERE-  ...there ya go.  Now, let's consider Juror #12's  line; "let's put this out on the stoop and see if the cat licks it up."  It's not just an English Language thing, it's such a New York thing that students with native-level abilities from not where I am from were having trouble with it. To simply translate that literally, would be just so worthless. Furthermore, in the film as dialogue, the line is meant to indicate a character who has a very significant lack of confidence in their ideas, for no rational reason. It implies that the Mad-Men bosses he works for are such mean bastards that they've worn him down to nothing but barely functioning self-doubt.  I had to somehow come up with a line in both Japanese and Mandarin which gets his entire point across and fits into the rest of the scene, uses an obfuscating reference that makes sense to the target audience, and I had less than an hour to do it. Thankfully I know a Chinese-Italian-American 3rd generation NYC family that I messaged and they gave me something to work with that would at least make sense to ABCs and it went from there.  Japanese was more difficult and I don't remember what I put because this was in 2010.  I'm sure there must be existing translations out there but I didn't have them handy and I had from 1am to 8am to get the entire lesson done not just that part.

So when someone runs a contemporary slang equivalent like "sus" up the flag pole to see who salutes it, the only people who are going to be upset are those who have just attained the level of novice understanding in terms of the cultural and linguistic nuances-Japanese, a source of organic gamification points within the fandom and then end up feeling de-valued because they don't see the result they themselves expect. 

Translation is about getting as much of the audience as possible to do the above concept.
It's not about reinforcing your sense of self importance, audience member. The professional translator has no time for that, sorry for the cognitive dissonance.

Historical History:
Anime fandom is particularly sensitive to translation irregularities.  From TV stations making last minute changes because of no-no words that just can't be on a kids show and since all animation is a kids show; boom censoring; to the war-crimes of Carl Macek just making up shit regardless of what the original work was about, anime was too often defaced by poor translation or deliberately malicious action.  Knowing that such things have happened, and that they detract from the original intent of the storytelling as entertainment that appeals to them, anime consumers have almost always reacted negatively to such things, especially when it is discovered after the fact.  I once got in an almost knock-down drag out trying to explain to a former writer/director for Bucky O'Hare and Rambo: The Force of Freedom, that no; doing things the old way to an anime and just changing names and inserting dialogue where there wasn't any was so not OK, especially since viewers could switch between both languages with the push of a button on a DVD remote. I wasn't allowed back in the studio for a while despite doing the "that's not my job but the boomers are making me do it anyway" dialogue translation and rewrites.

So fans are rightfully touchy, which is why one sees this subject get bought up every time a new generation of fans thinks they're the ones who discovered anime.  But not always rightfully correct.  There's a good reason localization is now thought of as a necessity, and with both subtitled and dubbed versions not being separate packaged media any more, there is no cost risk at all.  Since like there used to be such risk of buying a very expensive "bad dub" or sub job, fans would be steadfastly cautious to buy what they wanted doing as much research as was possible.  If you were lucky, your local video rental place had a big anime selection maintained by a serious otaku that would only order the subbed versions.

These days now literally more easy to find in the Cowboy Bebop universe than real life.

Subtitled versions could get away with less localization sometimes by using on-screen notes.  Famous example being the "Natta de Cocoa" scene in Yugen Kaisha, which really liked to play the Japanese homonym double meaning joke on the audience (I mean 幽幻怪社's in the title ffs).  Can't always do that with subtitles let alone dubs that are gonna go on TV.   A little leeway is needed and expected.

Do you really want both the written manga and English voice cast anime lines to call her "Bunny" every time?  "Usagi" sounds better to your non-Japanese linguistic sensibilities doesn't it...?  Mixxzine, I'm lookin at you...

Loss of Status Reaction and Loss Aversion Psychology:
If you go through the fandom hard enough and young enough, you will have a phase where this whole new world opens up to you and you all of a sudden gain an understanding and nomenclature of a semi-cloistered group.  "Normies" all of a sudden doesn't include you anymore and you have something that sets you apart.  That something has value.  It can be seen with the evolution of hip-hop lyrics into what marketing suits now call urban vernacular, and it can be seen with otaku as well.  It's that moment when you've heard enough words you know what they usually mean but not always.  So these fans end up thinking that when a wife calls a husband "anata~" it should only be translated as "oh, you" and not sugarpie, muffin, sweetness, honeybun, puddin', darling... light of my life... even though those terms are actually more accurate in conveying the intended meaning most of the time in that context.  The "spectrum" (yes that spectrum) comes into play here as well, because "implied meaning" can be a stumbling block for some people. Such things should not be dismissed.  But imma not go into it anyway (this is gonna be tl;dr as it is).

So in situations like this, all of a sudden here comes something to take away that value.  To tell a person that what they thought they knew is not an entire book, but just that single page in the beginning with nothing written on it, which (if removed) has a new zero effect on the quantitative or qualitative value of its contents. The position they believed themselves to be in is thrown into sharp releif from the light of an elevation that has emerged from so far up the hierarchy.   What is lost may not be tangible but the feelings it creates are very real.  Furthermore, to have to face that realization because of a causal factor created by someone who has a more adept skill-set than said fan, fulfillment not only a sense of loss, but a sense of lose by malice, something stolen... something taken they were powerless to prevent. That moment when the guailo with the yee-haw accent responds in perfect Chinese to a conversation between 2 other people, or when the little Korean girl spits perfect DR Spanish to some cabron who's running his mouth about her, thinking she doesn't know what he's saying (only in New York), that instant impact of the loss  of anonymity and feeling exposed is off the same tree as what the anime thing does when something is localized by someone who knows Japanese context better than the audience.  It's like when your skill set doesn't help you.  When your collectables appraise for less than what you originally paid for them... this feeling lives in that triggering of a status loss, and the inability to mitigate it can lead to things like little nuggets of frustration, aggression, withdrawal, depression, or scapegoating.  Loss aversion is a fear reaction.  In extreme cases, it can have damaging effects, even on people who you might not empathize with.

This guy is dealing with some shit.

It is real to someone who feels real reactions to things.
Don't always let your first reaction be to simply laugh at someone in that situation.  Doing that makes you feel better at their expense.  Star Trek actually depicted an extreme example of this loss reaction. Like all of DS-9, this story arch started good and then ended stupid as hell.

Not every encounter with this phenomenon goes so off the rails into actual psychosis.  A lot of it leads to bickering about the "wrong" way things were done and an irrational vortex of all the logical fallacies by those who are angered but have no recourse of logical argument.  The demands to remove that "wrong" way which has caused this sense of value loss are simply justified with "because, reasons!" or something to that effect.  If left to continue, it ends up causing intense feelings to the point where the id takes a larger share of control. A reaction idiotique so to speak. Their thought processes and existing cognitive structures are then thrown into the spotlight when someone gets intense and... what... what in the non-visible spectrum of ALL the fuck...

@Locksneedfartin: A thing that happened.

マジで verità.

What has been see can not be unseen:
Wow.  OK, so Nagatoro is gonna be known for not just having sus in the translation, but now for the way this uber-chud who either is a total garbage human, or was just born in a different multiverse that hat it's big-bang 14 years later than we did and just woke up here with bad trolling skills in this one thinking the year is 2007 without noticing.  Yes, (former) Twittererererer @Locksneedfartin managed to just create a Charge of the Light Brigade into chuderry chud-ness of chudding, so hard that it made it to Know Your Meme 24 hours after it happened.  It took no time at all for this wackadoo to start soapboxing about MAGA issues like transphobic shit and just being totally racist because apparently they think that's how the world works and anything else is so wrong that the other people against it are all deliberately bad-stoopede.  When people get worked up, their "don't say the quiet part out loud" bigotry cloaking device malfunctions and we get this:

How to lose your twitter account in MAGA easy steps

Twitter was always a dumpster fire, but the color of the smoke is an indicator of what the toxicity is and where it's coming from at any given moment.  Somehow it's worked its way into fandom and it's time to address that. This person, and a whole bunch of others who didn't know a single correct thing about what translation, localization, slang, context, licensing, Japanese language, sus, scrub, and other words actually have established histories, end up going fundamental when their brains short circuit in a fit of rage-lag. 

The whole insane thing that ended with this, shows this dorkoff knows nothing about Japan, Japanese, Translation, Localization, Word Origins, or how not to be a scumbag.

There really is no more to say about this person that hasn't already been said.  What needs to be asked, is how do so many, out of a generation that should know better, end up nodding their heads and approving of stuff like this and liking it.  It's not really because this fandom attracts that kin of demographic, or creates incubators for such ideas to gestate and ferment to toxicity.  It's the much larger social, cultural, and economic environment that has come to dominate us all (people who live on planet money, excluded of course).  I sure as hell don't want to defend this guy but I also think it's important to study what the fuck is going on with these people.  I think it's important because, as mentioned, the overall macro environment is the largest causal factor in this, and though we can close the roof of the stadium, the game is still going on. So yes, once the roof is closed attention can be focused on the doors and what comes through them, but that's not an easy thing to do or maintain.  This shit is sneaky and sometimes people who follow these philosophies genuinely think they themselves aren't being harmful, so confrontational methods can end up being counter-productive and actually intensify what one seeks to stop. Not this time though.  This one was... I still don't know what that was other than terrible.

There are so many things I still want to cover now, but if you're still reading at this point, congratulations, you don't exist because no one is gonna read this far.  Mitigation without malice is too often treated as some sort of tacit support for what is deemed the explicit problem, even though it is not.  So Someone's still gonna think I'm defending this @Lockneedfartin fuckwad who needs a pencil shoved up the diickholle and then broken off in there.   I'm not, so it should be obvious.

Getting back to the plethora of perplexing panorama panoply:
This is the beginning of a contracting phase of fandom and ipso-facto the domestic and international market for all otaku related things. Things will get worse before they get better.  For this kind of thing, self regulation is not easy when it's bottom-up, but top-down is nothing but a nightmare scenario.  And it's only one of several challenges on the horizon (oh you better believe I already have another post in the works already about awful shit happening to anime fandom). This will not be over quickly.  You will not enjoy this. 

Oh and since this Locksneedfartin shitstain seems like a badge-bunny:



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Just Don't Know What Went Wrong: When fandoms are harpooned by sensationalism.


Well, shit.
A mass-shooting is being tied to My Little Pony Fans, somehow.
(Because of course it is).

Part One: A thing that happened:

The Lateral Spiral Maneuver:
It's more of a side-spiral than a downward one. There was once a time where it almost felt that being a fan of any facet of popular culture that wasn't pro-sports was no longer a target for derision, especially if that fan happened to have an XY chromosome.  Gone were the days of the 80s and 90s where one would face all kinds of harassment for daring to wear an Urusei Yatsura t-shirt or choosing to play D&D rather than give a crap about March Madness.  This was an emergent time when technology enabled access to new media in a new way, but new media consumption would have to fit into an increasingly balkanizing environment for young people within standard and higher education. The still continuing result of which has been a decent into full Zimbardian control dynamic between administrative authority, with students, and students with other students.  Such a prizonized school system of zero-tolerance monitored behavior and unthinking maximum consequence for that which does not deserve it, has created a more intense social hierarchy, that emerging students have known all their lives.  There was no moment when things changed.  No one day when shit got real.  It was always this.  Always.  The shooter was 19, we have to take into account that this was more of a factor on him than it would be on someone in their 50s, to say it isn't, is foolishly discounting something with a significant impact.

The main difference aside from a now exponentially increased intensity of these terrible conditions from just a few years ago, is their targeting system has moved away from what was once thought of only as "nerd culture" or geeky shit, because everyone has something they're a fan of now thanks to proliferation.  This chain of institutional abuse simply moving from one type of target to another has only just recently been broken by the one and only Coronachan, who by forcing classes into homes, have for the first time exposed parents to the type of micro-tyrancy that some educators are all to accustomed and comfortable deploying.  It also puts physical barriers between bullying abusers and their targets of abuse.  But the old habits hard to break now return in this sensationalized coverage that no one will still be talking about after 20 days from now (random guess, call it 17 or 22 if it makes you feel better).  He's a "weirdo" because of MLP, not because of the tremendously shitty life he's probably had as a whole, oh no, couldn't be that.

You Call This Archeology?
This entire process seems to be book-ended for the moment.  Columbine is on one end, and FedEx Shooter Brandon Hole on the other.   People old enough, remember after Columbine happened, that if you wore a black leather trench-coat and listened to Manson or KMFDM, the school Stasi  were coming for you to have a little sit-down "chat" or something.  I remember police showing up to an address I no longer lived at because I fit "the profile."   But a whole generation was about to get it stuck to them, because Mortal Kombat existed.  Yep, Mortal Kombat confused the boomers, it looked violent, and had come out just in time to be blamable for obviously causing 2 students who were abusing substances to cope with mental illness and getting tortured on a daily basis at an institutional learning facility which had spectacularly failed in its fiduciary duty to ensure they were able to be reasonably safe from such things. They came for the video games despite no evidence they played a role in anything.  It was easy for them.  It was all there in a nice little package.  And most importantly, it helped direct attention away from the systemic failures which were the true cause, because acknowledging those would mean acknowledging that said problems were boomer-caused and needed to be addressed... and we can't have that now, can we?

To Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Jack Thompson, Captain Kangaroo, Arthur Pobert, and Patrica Vance: Fuck You so fucking much.

Then is Now. Now is Then. This Blog is on Repeat.
A guy who had a red-flag, went to white supremacy websites in 2020, and had a job and life so shitty he couldn't see a way out of it, went and shot people where he worked, and then offed himself.  But holy shit he had a waifu thing for Applejack, so that must be the 100% causal factor because lol NERD WEIRDO! Do something normal like watch The Kardasians!  Nothing else comes into play now, it's the pony thing.  The news is quick to jump on it because it's more sensational than, say... the brand of shoes this guy preferred, and because someone liking something they are "not supposed to like" still not only can be played up as deviant, but also is a tool for the producers, program directors, writers, to meme to an audience which gets a dopamene hit in the elevation of their own self-image by the diminishing of others.

So the narrative is:
This guy = Brony
This guy does mass shooting
Mass shooting = Nazi
Brony = Nazi

Not only is this saying that the Brony community is full of nazis, even though it's not, it also tacitly argues that in some cases being a Brony causes you to become one... somehow?  As of the time of writing this, according to stories published by CNN and The Daily Beast, "no clear motive" has been released.  Yes he went to Brony websites and simped for AJ.  Like I said, he also probably wore shoes every time he went out, so is the news gonna look really hard at NewBalance or whoever?  No, because that's dumb.  So it any singular focus.  It's an appealing action because it's lazy.

New required reading.

Right now, the people who fit the modern American definition of "nazi" are proliferated in almost all the things.  Brony culture doesn't have any more of a "nazi problem" than NFL fans, or people who prefer Dunkin to Starbucks... meaning they're in just about everything, because this kind of shit doesn't gravitate just to one thing or another. The racism,hatred, and appeal of absolutism that goes with modern "nazi" is not a square peg looking for a round hole, it is a weaponized gas.  A toxic miasma that wraps itself around any and all challenges that humans face, becoming a tainted clear-coat over the entire structure of someone's life.  It manifests, then infects, damaging the coda of human thought to such an extent as to be irredeemable.  But was that causal here?  Was it truly a function of the Brony community?  It has been declared so:

From the publication that brought you a totally not made up but also yeah they totally made it up, story.

So whether this incident has anything to do with nazi anything or it doesn't, the social attitudes against the lifestyle activity that is "Brony" have been labeled as having a "nazi problem."  The infuriating component of this is that many of these political pontifications are the product of positions and posturing from petty princesses in Ivory Towers who have had nothing but disdain and derision for a fandom that they do not partake in, with nerd-shame and bullying being penultimate to said activity's full extinction, execution, cancellation, secession from existence, whatever you want to call it. Many of the sources of this associative pairing are bad actors using mala fides arguments in an effort to not help preserve, but rather destroy MLP fandom. It's "take that you nerds! You're not allowed to like something I don't think you should like!"  This was seen with anime fandom in the 90's and now we see it here, when there has yet to be an established connection of motivation to anything at all.  The same red herring arguments could be made about any other activities. Remember Nazi Furries and how crazy that shit was?

Not every mass shooter is a nazi. Some just don't like Mondays.
Racial motivations are common, but not the only motivations ever.

So people making this specific connection are being both disingenuous and reactionary. It's irresponsible to say "he's a brony therefore nazi; so that's why he did it" while ignoring the current hellscape of an underfunded educational system that produces waves of PTSD in the young people trapped in it, the stigmatized barriers to mental health and often inaccessible price tag such help comes with, and an overall despair which has later generations dropping dead at younger ages thanks to the financial greed, medical gluttony, and psychopathy of the boomers.  That kind of thing produces a mindset that can make Fascism attractive as an alternative to the current situation. That's literally how Fascism started the first time. 

And it's not just about guns, I already talked about guns and entertainment media.

'sssup Bitches!

Generational differences are still at work here, and I know I've been repeating things like this ad nauseum (last post for a long time when I do this I promise);  When Charles Whitman went to the top of the University of Texas and blasted 19 other people on the ground before being shot by police, literally all the warning signs were there and he sought help from 5 different doctors.  It being the 1960's they just crammed a bunch of Valium down him and told him to keep his hair short... Then when the -holy shit that didn't work- happened, they tried to blame it on everything other than the fact that doctors gave habit forming tranks to a guy with a brain tumor who had been in the US Marines and expressing violent idiation for a year.  When Mark David Chapman gunned down the worlds most famous hippie, John Lennon, and directly tied it to a popular book at the time, no one called Sallinger some right-wing manifesto author, the boomers kept lining up to give their hero Holden Caulfield a fucking blowjob, and forcing 7th graders to read Catcher in the Rye in school well into the 2000s. They couldn't have what they liked besmirched because of violent actions, but you dear X-Y-Zer are NOT going to get the same measures they gave themselves.  MLP is gonna get it.

Oh and fuck you Tipper Gore too.

Part Two: The nazi-problem:

That Was Just the Prologue:
Now we switch gears to the larger scale of things.  By no means does that actually mean the presence of nazi ideology and those who proliferate it should not be aggressively addressed anyway.  Nazi espousers are bad and can not be allowed into social spaces. When something is dangerous, the threat it poses needs to be stopped immediately and you can go into the causal relationships after that.

Something should be done to combat this presence, and that action should be uncompromising in commitment, self-sustaining, and most importantly, explicitly agreed upon regarding what criteria is necessary to be fulfilled in order to spark such action.  If you guessed it's that last one that's going to be the source of potential problems, you've been paying attention, so good for you!  What does count and what does not count needs to be defined because the "I know it when I see it" way of doing this is woefully insufficient here, and unless you're title is god of the internet, impossible to implement logistically.  Everyone who is jumping into this with the blunted impetus of just Nazi = BAD is not looking where they leap. This is going to become a problem once the obvious content is dealt with and time marches on.  How is this uncompromising effort going to be mitigated with the idea of similarity ≠ synergy; imitation ≠ endorsement; parody ≠ approval; transverse ≠ subvert?  People are already used to hair-trigger banhammers and censorbots being so hypersensitive and overbearing, that they make mistakes of unimaginable stupidity concurrent with robot-logic as portrayed in Futurama episode: Insane in the Mainframe. If you put A.I. in charge of not only filtering content, but then exacting punitive measures against the offending party, then it will fuck up at an error rate beyond a reasonable threshold, and even humans can end up acting the same way too making things Kafkaesque.

The above was banned from youtube for "promoting hate speech" because by the most extreme technical definition it might fit some word filter that doesn't know what mimicry-satire is or what references are. (Link to video here, along with the Original Artist Witch Taunter online public profile).  This is like when some media platforms took down Schindler's List because it had "nazi imagery" in it, because they could not figure out that the movie is not an endorsement of nazi ideology. Don't worry, Spielberg is replacing all problematic images, with walkie-talkies.

Here's Where I Repeat the Same Thing I Just Said With Different Words:
Website gatekeeping of actual nazi ideology as portrayed in visual or audio media
is an important and ongoing goal, such things are a danger to public safety manifested.  To initiate and maintain this effort effectively, the definitions and criteria that must be set as identifiers must be set in a rubric of limited (but not nonexistent) specific criteria, because the material it will encounter will have maximum variability.  There is a problem however, in that so many are  coming at this with all the disorganized energy of a college freshman cafeteria protest against Taco Tuesday, and the results will be just as ineffectual.  Saying "Ban Nazi Stuff!" is so easy, sometimes no one thinks of what "Nazi Stuff" actually means beyond the superficial, and how said "Nazi Stuff" will actively seek to subvert, sidestep, or otherwise surreptitiously remain a presence where it is not wanted.  Because these fascist elements are definitely going to try to get around those obstacles, they're not gonna just go home and sulk.  If you can't define it, you can't ban it effectively, and there's no Miller Test that can be done at a pace effective enough to allow for the volume of website activity not to be throttled to the point of determent to functionality.

The official English language account of Dies Irae was kicked off of Twitter for "offensive images" ...think about the logic that needed to be in place to actually do that.  This is an example of "doing it wrong."

It Has to Look AND Quack Like a Duck.
No one is watching Shewolf of the SS because they think that the Münchner Abkommen was the best way to institute Das Nürnberger Gesetze.  It's because the Commandant has oppai-tastic tig ol' bitties.  Software (and people who don't know shit) have censored or otherwise restricted access to things that fit a technical quantitative definition, but are qualitatively very evidently not a an endorsement. Some of the loudest voices of the anti-nazism in fandom ideal can also be some of the most ineffectually vague.  If you don't know what the Münchner Abkommen, Das Nürnberger Gesetze, Anschluss Österreichs, Nacht der langen Messer, The Marshall Plan, Operation Gladio, of the outcomes of the Nuremberg Trials were... do you even know enough about what it is you're trying to prevent?  Nazis know, they're actually really into that shit.  Here's the wiki entry of an informative history source I recommend (the original work is in French but there must be an English verson out there) it's by no means exaustive despite being 240 minutes long, but it is one of the fewer historical studies to focus on social, cultural, and soft economic aespects of the war in Europe, and mostly ignore the military nuts and bolts that everything else is so obsessed with.  It also does not deal with the Pacific theater, the Invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the Dai Tōa Kyōeiken (aka GEACPS), or Unit 731.  That's other reading.

So, is this Parody, or Promotion?  Should it matter or not matter? What is do be done if anything? (A warning, specific tagging, censorship, banning the artist from future access?  All of these are options).  Answers to these questions need to be in place before the need to ask them even happens, otherwise this will bogg down to nothing.  Some instances will have to deal with these issues en masse as well.

Quality of inquiry needs to be high, or these images all get treated as if they are the same.  Furthermore, (no one reads this but) if a significant group of Bronies saw these, there would not be 100% concurrence right now of what they qualify as (allowed or disallowed), and such views will likely differ a year or two years from now regarding the same images, depending on what has yet to happen. A manifestation of creeping absolutism is a possibility. Such progression is not bad or good, they can be both, and the result of application shall be the arbiter of such things.

This application of quantitative thought where qualitative should be, is a pitfall that many social movements have faced and many have also succumbed to.  It's now the NYPIRG thing fell apart in the early 2000s, it's how MADD went from a Traffic Safety group to the Prohibition Party, and has the final result of an absolutist mindset of polar orientation (meaning that any move or adaptation away from the "pole" of what the stated ideology is, is seen as a move toward its antithesis or that which it stands against).  That brings a significant potential determent to the main goal.

If you even bring this potential shortcoming up, some of the energized hoard dog-piles like the Sans-Culottes at the Bastille or Red Guard on the Four Olds.  Just asking where the demarcation will be or even a "how does this work" question at all, brings slobbering accusations of counter-revolutionary thought.  In their methodology it is a bivalance of proclamation: You are with them explicitly, or against them.  This leads to the conclusion that anyone who does not openly voice emphatic support in one of only a few prescribed ways, without question, is ipso-facto not "with them" and therefore supports nazis doing nazi things. The process of flawed logic ends up producing this:

X = Against Nazis
Y = Asks how best to be against Nazis
X = Y didn't state they agreed with me hard enough!!
X = Y therefore is a Nazi!
Y = "dafuq?"

Figuratively or literally, that formula if left to continue unabaited ends like this:

Robespierre Executes the Executioner, having run out of necks.

I already stepped on this landmine by saying that a vague policy can lead to both ineffective actions, and creeping absolutism in these matters, and the result was immediate and predictable.  They were ready to go full  红八月 just for that. I actually forgot that, Twitter has a collective reading-level of "high school" at maximum on its best days, and shit flew over so many heads it would have been more effective to just post the Spider Man meme with "how do I banned Nazi" in the word-bubble.  Creeping absolutism is not good in this case, because there will always be lack of full concurrence, which will cause balkanization, conglomeration around the maximum of definitions will then become something forced rather than a willing activity, and as the authority of it continues to grow it shall begin banhammering things that don't fit the original criteria of dangerous ideology but simply have some sort of similarity too close for its now ingrained sensibilities.

And I was originally going to talk about how the line from Nagatoro getting translated as "sus" was fine, and the only people complaining were people who had no JLPT scores to their name.

I know someone is already thinking "this is about modern nazis, not that historical Beer-Hall Putch stuff, and ¡internet!, and you don't get it"   Shut your freshman face up.  Yeah I know all of that, everyone knows that.  You think those Habbo raids were really National Socialists of America having a long-delayed victory party in the wake of the fucking Skokie case?  They're doing it to was originally get a rise out of people (because zomg_triggrz lulz) and then it grows from there, with the infected idealogues latching on to it like a remora fish onto anything the moves.  They are drawn to it like an insect is to a bug zapper.  It expands... grows out into a tree with many branches like racism, nativism, misogyny, jingoism, debate-bro stupidity, and the inevitable ethnicized religion (wherein the name of a religion is used to denote a person's ethnic or racial identity, which it technically can not do, but has grown into such function via repeated bad-faith statements).  Cutting down that whole tree is a longer and harder process than lopping the smaller branches.  And care must be taken so that -branches or trunk- when cut, don't land on and damage something unrelated.  This is not an easy process.  If it were, this entire problem would have been solved by 1979.

Someone is gonna read this and call me pro-nazi, for not being energetic enough, for questioning methodology, and because it points out the shortcomings and potential unintended consequences of going full Leeroy Jenkins on just "ban all nazis" as a plan.  That's like starting Le Mans with a half full gas tank because you can get off the line quicker.  It's not a good strategy.

Pictured: the what, not the how.

Anti-nazi efforts in American online fandoms and social media are having bit of a Boromir- Moment.  Some see using one of the defining characteristics of actual fascist totalitarian movements as acceptable, as long as they and their like-minded policy members are the arbiters of such figuratively weaponized discharges.  Just let ME use the one ring and it will totally work out I just know it  = totalitarian arbitration. That never works out for the best because there's no off-switch.  Becoming that which you oppose in order to oppose it, is a literary device, and as it is such, should not be used as a model for real world sociopolitical strategies in entertainment or online interactive media.  A fan shouldn't get dog-piled and banned just because they're crossover-ing Girls und Panzer w/ the Maine 6 or something, even if the evocative imagery is there.  Take this adorable video of Anchovy for example (NSFW lyrics if you are where they speak Italian).  Is it just expressing an appreciation for Anchovy and her aesthetic?  Or is it a rousing call to continue the cause of the Partito Nazionale Fascista... because you really can't get any more literally Fascist than Giovinezza and the anime reincarnation of Mussollini (except maybe if you played All'armi Inno Fascista).

Measure Twice, Cut Once:
So for the last time, I'm not going all paradox of tollerance here calling this a slippery-slope.  The singular mote of this entire idea is that this "critique is not dissent."  Saying "don't fuck up" is not the same as saying "don't do it."  This is a thing that should and must be done.  Inspecting the engines before takeoff is not an insult to the mechanical crew.  It's something you do to add redundant safety.  So equally, is the advocating for clear definitions and processes not an indicator of disagreement with the premise or its impetus.

Kneejerk reactions based on ignorance are nothing new:

I almost got suspended from school for having a Dark Horse issue of Blade of the Immortal because someone saw this fucking page and lost their shit.  The counter to my primafacia defense of "it has nothing to do with nazis" was actually challenged with "it doesn't matter, it just reminds people that nazis existed and nazis are bad so therefore this is also just as bad."  I literally had to have a friend (parent's friend) threaten a lawsuit to get them to back off.  So let's try to do things correctly, so results will last and the avenues of infiltration will be forever blocked for this kind of ideology, and they won't be able to cry foul or hitch a ride in on something.

All this over some fuckwit going all waifu for Applejack.  I'm not gonna let some big media repeateateteded story of "bad person was fan of such-thing, which means such-thing is bad and watch out if your kids have a fucking Rainbow Dash t-shirt or some teacher sees a Vinyl Scratch pony figure in the background of a middle schooler Zoom classes" change what I like.   ...moral panic, thy name is the for-profit news cycle. 

Fuck that shit, Applejack is cool.  Both as a Pony and as Booze.
(And no I'm not country, NYC born, raised, still live in when not in Tokyo).

Fight against the presence of nazis.  Don't (necessarily) break any laws over MLP though... we can go full Abbie Hoffman for better things.  And everyone out there, please remember, the worst Nazi infiltration is still happening exactly where we all know it is: