Thursday, October 11, 2007

It begins

I have been through a lot in the world of anime and otaku lifestyles in general. Working for so long in home media and licensing has left me a bit wiser, but also a bit different from others in the fan community. Click this for some minor back story.

I've done this for so long, it's changed the way I look at the world. I've been in meetings the artists, directors, the licensors, the licensees, the screamers, the scammers, the Japanese, the Americans, the Canadians and the Koreans. I've conventioned, I've bought it, I've sold it (in a store, for a living), I've licensed it in and licensed it out, I've pitched I've poked I've pilfered, I've even been involved in the making of an actual anime pilot... I've dubbed it, I've subbed it I've loved it I've snubbed it. As for Japan, I've lived there, I've worked there, I've slacked there, I've... snacked there (gotta make 'em rhyme, work with me) I've taught there, I've fought there, Graduated from college there, and I happen to be of the opinion that yes Osaka in fact is better.

So, this is where I'm coming from and now you know. I'm not doing this to try to out-otaku anyone (although after creating a college anime club and then running an actual convention in Albany NY a century ago, the first thing I learned about doing stuff like this is that out-otakuing the fan fodder out there is imperative, otherwise it just breaks down), but rather simply to set the stage for the later things I will be stating here and on the podcast.

I need to do this, since I've recently left the home media company I was had worked at, in order to go into independent license/consulting/what-was-I-thinking business. If i don't write down the ghosts of this sordid past and the conclusions and viewpoints that have formed as a result of it, then all shall be lost. Also, I need a platform from which to mess with Daryl-StringBean-Surat because he made fun of my hat.

And so, I'll leave this first post here. There's no real reason to make it any longer, as the subsequent writings you shall soon find here will amply validate this blog's existence, as well as inform and amuse the otaku public.

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