Monday, November 10, 2008

Mission Accomplished.

So as we continue to move into the future, I shall be physically moving someplace else. Now I know there are not many places in the world that would be on par or a step up from New York, and as such that is not something this piece will focus on since where I am going is on par with New York. So beginning in 2009 I shall once again be living half a world away, this time in Tokyo.

As I have mentioned previously, living in Japan is not like being in some 24 hour anime convention anime-otaku promised land that weebos make it out to be. In fact the one major negative thing I have to say about Mega Tokyo would be that deluded readers tend to think of it as a documentary rather than fantasy written about a place the author knows sadly little about. However there is something to be said for being closer to the source as it were, and I do plan on taking as full advantage as possible personally and professionally. The future of anime and manga might just be brightening as the new Prime Minister continues to laud it as a viable economic force for the country, and being on the ground where government involvement might happen will hopefully open up serious opportunities.

But back to daily life for a moment, I thought I'd list things that one could be happy about going to Japan for:

Things I won't miss:
SUVs and the people who think they need to drive them.
Daylight Savings Time
High Fructose Corn Syrup (yes I DO know what they say about it, and it's
all bad).
The Wal-Mart Waddle (you know it when you see it)
Fox News
Daryl Surat

Things I will miss:
The Mets
A Subway you can ride at 2am
The Daily Show & Colbert Report
Uncensored porn
DVDs costing less than $30
Otakon (I might come back for that tho).

So yes friends and reader (I think there’s only one) I will soon be updating this blog from the land of the rising sun, and hopefully more frequently as well.

So until the I plan to be on the long road to being back on the ball with things. Based on what I’ve been doing the past year, that’s not going to be easy, but hey that’s life.