Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No I'm not dead... it's worse.

I have been in actual MBA grad-school here in Tokyo since the end of summer and what not. I actually haven't slept since then other than the few times from passing out over accounting records from exhaustion. If you're wondering, the school is called "Hitotsubashi" and if you're still wondering, then just google it. I'm now a member of Josui Kaikan, and will be attending the awarding of the Porter Prize. So yeah, I've been busy.

So in the world of anime, blah blah blah some stuff happened and yeah whatever. Listen people, Japanese Graduate University takes up all your time and then makes you borrow more from people you know and makes you its bitch. There was lots of stuff I wanted to post about, but just couldn't. There is lots of stuff I want to subtitle and get out there, but it's gonna take some more time. That's just the way it is. On the up-side, My campus is right next to Shogakukan HQ here in Tokyo and I go over there to study their business model sometimes. It's amazing what just dropping this school name can do.

So yes, there shall be posts again, but not until after finals. @_@.