Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NY Anime Festival approaches

First of all let me say happy Ninja day, as well as Happy End of Prohibition day! So have a martini (or 7) in celebration!

Also, it’s soon to be the weekend of the first anime convention held in the city of New York since the Big Apple Anime disaster. It’s going to be a very interesting couple of days that’s for sure. In addition to being in New York, this convention is being put on as a for-profit event, with the goal of making money.

As the anime convention itself grew as a mostly non-profit entity, its model is now being put to the test as a revenue generating commercial event. It can make money, and considering the guest list, I have to assume that this anime con spent its budget on something other than getting the A list guests. But that’s ok, as recent years have proven you don’t need to have a major headliner to get the crowds to show up.

It’s going to be all about sustainability here. There is a boardroom that needs to be pleased, and if the numbers hit their mark, you can be assured that we’ll have another one next year. If not, then this will be yet another asterisk in the tome of what anime fandom history will be. Personally, I hope this is successful. The anime market is now seen as risk-filled because of the demise of Geneon. However, this is a misstatement in that it is the home media market itself that is risk filled and anime is suffering those effects with countless other segments of that market. Anime as a product, is still a very strong market if you know what is meant by “product.”

I’ll write more on this later, but right now it’s time to plan for the show.

See you there.


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aw hell...

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Well said.

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