Saturday, October 7, 2017

Well that's a weird one

So on my twitter I get this message...  it got weird.

Anyway, I think I know where this is coming from and although my bad reviews of a certain place might cost a few sales, in no way are they indicative of anything other than an online "doo-doo on you" to a bunch of people who did to me what would be considered a violent felony if anyone had cared but since I was a kid at the time, nothing was done about it so.  Seriously if what happened to me happened to someone walking down the street, it would have been treated as a violent crime.  But I guess kids at a camp don't get any equal protection under the law. 

So this mountain from a molehill stuff.  But with the news being what it is lately I guess people are insanely touchy.

To anyone reading this who is involved, just know that I have never received any information, paperwork, or anything else for that matter about any of this. 

So to whoever out there who is looking to escalate this, then no thanks.

The end.

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